Papa Pump®The Pump that uses no fuel!

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The multi-award winning and internationally patented Papa Pump®, is the world's first and only injection moulded, composite water powered pump.

Powered only by a flowing water source such as a spring, stream, creek or river, the Papa Pump® uses patented ‘Venturi’ valve technology, to pump water to great heights and distances.

Self Install

Simply design yoursystem using our'google earth' survey tutorial !

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Self installation of the Papa Pump® is easy! Using Google Earth and our handy guidance video below, you can calculate your pump and land requirements.

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Save Money & Time

Reduce the future cost of all water bills, associated fuel and maintenance costs.

Free Water

Get free water for your lifetime with the Papa Pump® and secure it for future generations.

Environmentally Friendly

The Papa Pump® uses zero energy & produces absolutely no carbon emissions!

Small & Light

With a small & light pump design, it is easily transportable to remote locations.

5 Year Guarantee

The Papa Pump® lasts a lifetime... we offer a full 5 year guarantee to prove it.

Easy To Maintain

The Papa Pump® is simple, easy and cheap to maintain.

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The Papa Pump is available to purchase globally via Water Powered Technologies Directly, Amazon and distributors.

Typical Uses

Typical sector uses for our products will be found below, however we know that our technology has the potential to be used in many different sectors that aren’t listed. If you think that you may have a suitable application please contact us to discuss.



Off Grid


Multi-pump Systems

Multiple Papa Pumps can work in parallel using the same infrastructure, so you can maintain one pump while the others provide continuous water delivery.

If your supply flow is large and you need more water delivered, you can use a multi pump system. A number of pumps can be installed in parallel with delivery via a manifold. This allows for continuous operation during servicing, flexibility during low flows, and the use of a single delivery pipe. The major part of the cost is infrastructure, so buying extra pumps doesn’t mean multiplying the unit cost.

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Daisy Chain Systems

For applications requiring higher delivery heads than attainable from single stage pumping (over 150m) – multiple pumps can be utilised in a ‘Daisy Chain’ configuration.

These high-altitude applications would usually utilise multi-pump configurations at the source and reducing accordingly at each stage of the Daisy Chain. Sureflow valves can also be utilised to ensure that the system operates if water supply decreases.

See our new optimized performance valves

Check out our range of performance valves which enables the pumps to operate throughout an extended range of supply heads and flows.

Number 23 can operate on a minimum supply head of 0.6m (2ft) to a max delivery head of 6m (20ft).Number 24 can operate on a minimum supply head of 1m (3ft) to a max delivery head 0f 10m (33ft).Number 25 is for greater supply flow through the pump to a maximum head of 50m (164ft)Number 26 is for greater supply flow through the pump to a maximum head of 100m (328ft)

The Papa Agri Pump

WPT have developed an 'AGRI' version of the Papa Pump which is specifically designed for applications where pumping is required for non-potable uses.

This includes livestock and irrigation and therefore does not require the use of materials approved for human consumption. Although manufactured to the same high-quality standards as the ‘Blue’ Papa Pump, the Agri Pump delivers greater affordability and long term cost savings to a wider range of customers who will benefit from this unique product, with the cost and environmental advantages of requiring no electricity or fuels to operate.

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The Original Metal Papa Pump

For some applications or personal preferences the original metal pump may be more suited.

The Metal Papa Pump is made from high quality Stainless Steel and Bronze yet has the same internal workings at the composite pump models.

These Papa Pumps are particularly more suited to customers pumping to greater heights.

The first of these pumps installed 25 years ago are still in action, pumping water 24/7.

Contact us for more information about the Metal Papa Pump or take a look at the manual here.

Payment Partnership

We believe that our products should be within reach for all who could use them, which is why we are proud to offer a ‘payment partnership’ plan to all users who reside outside of the the U.S.A, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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