Currently in the UK and indeed many other nations we are experiencing higher energy and fuel costs, along with other rising costs for our food producers such as fertilizer and feed.

Rightly so, many are looking at how they can reduce costs and energy usage and are looking at alternatives that may be cheaper in the long run and better for the environment; however most look for or require grants/funding to assist with this.

Here at WPT we recognise the extra costs that are currently being experienced by those in the UK agricultural industry and we want to assist with an offer on our PREMIUM stainless steel and bronze Papa Pumps:

With our pay monthly initiative you could have a UK made Stainless Steel and Bronze Papa Pump with an initial deposit of £499 and then 11 monthly payments of £99 (excluding VAT).

Once installed, the Papa Pump will deliver free water for decades, with minimal maintenance and will significantly reduce costs compared to electric/diesel or mains water usage immediately.

Did you know that the average electric borehole pump, delivering 20m3 water a day, is currently costing over £2,500 per annum in electricity and utility water costs are in excess of £7,000!

If you break those figures down into monthly costs that’s over £200 and £580 respectively!

“We look forward to welcoming you to our family of Papa Pump users. Our payment initiative will assist in paying for your pump directly from your electricity/water bill savings – helping both your business and the environment for now and decades into the future!” – Phil Selwyn, WPT CEO/Founder.

For more info about our UK agricultural offer please call us on 01288 354 454 or email [email protected]