Water Delivery

Having been utilised by a number of global charity projects, the Papa Pump is literally changing the lives of thousands of people. The Papa Pump could provide essential clean water to remote villages & farms, enabling self-sufficient food production and offering new business opportunities to the community—all with no fuel, electricity or human effort.

Water Powered Technologies Papa Pump®, provides a long-term, simple and easy to maintain solution for delivering water to remote and off-grid areas, enabling small-holders, farmers and communities to have access to water where they need it.

Drinking water only accounts for 8-16 litres of water use per person per day, whereas many 000’s of litres are utilised by each person for washing, sanitation and food production. If there is access to water from a spring, stream or river and it needs to be delivered to a remote village, the Papa Pump hydro ram is the perfect solution.

Without the use of any electricity or fuel, it will pump water over long distances and to impressive heights.  It works 24/7 day and night, rain or shine and because the technology is so simple and with NO moving mechanical parts to wear out, there is little to go wrong and so you’ll save on time and maintenance.

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Papa Pump Projects

Working with charities 'Singing Gorilla', 'Renewable World' and 'The Living Waters Project', the Papa Pump is literally changing the lives of millions of people.

The idea is simple – you pump water when it is plentiful to a storage tank at the highest point of the village to use where and when it’s needed!  Stored water can be gravity fed to communal taps, animal troughs, be used for crop irrigation or to homes for domestic use.  It can also be used for micro generation to help power the village. Check out two of our recent charity projects that have changed the life of 000’s…

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