The Papa Pump Club

Connecting friends and communities for life.

The Papa Pump Club, is a concept that offers individuals or organisations the chance to purchase part* of or whole pumps that are then installed into remote communities where the systems will really make a difference to livelihoods and the environment.

It is a partnership, where WPT work with partners in remote communities to identify locations and aid them with the assistance and guidance needed to install and maintain the pumps, the recipients organise the installation and YOU the Pump Club Purchaser assist with the contribution of the pump/s.

When you join the Papa Pump club, you will receive a receipt and then dependant on the amount chosen upon purchase you will receive a certificate, stating the Pump/s number that you purchased/part purchased and then the location of where the pump/s are installed, along with pictures and further updates if requested. **

NB * Minimum purchase amount is $250 which equates to ¼ of a pump. Upon your purchase you will be given an allocated pump number. When further parts are purchased by others, you will be notified of the Pump Purchase reaching 100%.

** We will work closely with the partners whilst assisting with the pump project and will request progress and end results imagery/videography and stories, however these can not be guaranteed.