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The Internationally Patented Venturo has been designed to enable electricity and fossil fuel free water pumping on a large scale — a max delivery distance of up to 50km, an efficiency of 85% and an operating life of 50+ years.

Applications for the Venturo Pump





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WPT have conducted successful trials and are seeking to identify partners to install the first commercial Venturo sites.

If you are interested in utilising a Venturo at your site or project, please try to collect the measurements listed below along with your location – address, post/zip code, google earth co-ordinates (or other format where appropriate), map image showing property and water source and a full explanation of the project and proposed installation and send to [email protected].

Measurements Required

1) Supply Flow

2) Supply Head

How To Measure Supply FlowHow To Measure Supply Head

An innovative commercial rainwater harvesting (RWH) system using the principles of the Papa Pump®, to facilitate the collection and useful deployment of rainwater run-off on larger commercial properties with roofs of up to 500 m2.

A full system for rain water catchment and distribution using the Papa Pump and other WPT products. The system does not require an electrical connection unlike most rainwater harvesting systems – although a solar or electrical pump can easily be added to increase the percentage of recovered water where required. Connection in both urban and rural environments, the benefits of utilising rainwater reduce the reliance on other water sources and reduce the effect of flooding by retaining water that would otherwise flow into storm drains or river systems.

A smaller domestic version of the Hydromentum RWH could be developed as a valuable contribution to that market. Economic drivers for this in many developed geographies are more likely to materialise pending future legislation for this type of supplement based on a sustainable urban development (SUDS) platform.

There are however likely to be current viable markets for this technology in some overseas regions where water prices are higher and/or water is less available.

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A durable, long lasting surge and backflow protection unit, that will last a lifetime. The Hydronetic accumulator is designed to last at least 50 years and have much higher reliability.

1 – Manufactured from a non-corrosive material.
2 – Utilises a replaceable rubber membrane
3 – Designed with an integral self-regulating air pump to automatically charge and maintain the optimum air pressure within the vessel

Uses include:

– Shock suppression for water or hydraulic systems which utilise intermittent flow
– Potential for domestic and commercial cold-water systems
– Hot water and hot water heating systems (domestic & commercial)
– Utility water supplies
– Industrial fluids transfer systems
– Marine water and fluids transfer systems

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A Modular system for increasing a pipe effective length to allow for low supply head applications.

The Matrix increases the effective length of the supply pipe so that when the pump valve closes, the mass and momentum of the fluid is greater, thereby increasing the potential pressure increase in the delivery. (A standard Matrix module is 500 mm long simulating a 2.5m rigid pipe length).

As the construction material of the Matrix is rigid, it negates the requirement for steel supply pipes.

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Tidal lagoons provide potential application for Venturo’s and WPT has been instrumental in conceiving a unique solution (Jetstream Lagoon) whereby the lagoon walls are specially designed and profiled to increase water velocities passing around them. Venturo pumps placed around the walls to interact with this increased flow can then pump or evacuate water within the lagoon to enhance the effective head range and generating power from the lagoon system. Integration of solar panels provides a more diverse power station.

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