In the midst of a number of huge challenges facing humans at present – regardless of who is to blame – there is one overwhelming and unfortunately, often overlooked fact that will appear and hopefully be better recognised.This is that whilst the ever-expanding cities will try to hold on to the levers of commerce, when the chips are down all these expanding millions of people are ever more reliant on the efforts of the increasingly few and undervalued farmers that produce the world’s food. It is these same farmers that will play an increasing role in protecting and providing the world’s water supplies of the future.

Having ‘water independence’ is one of the most valuable assets that farmers, countries and people can have. It often takes disasters such as droughts, floods and the current virus pandemic for us all to properly value this badly managed resource.

WPT realises the importance of water and water management to the future security and prosperity of all of us, especially our core farming customers who are able to utilise these valuable water resources for their food production activities without reliance on electricity or fuels – whilst saving money and pollution year on year as a result.

We would like to take this opportunity during these challenging times to thank all our customers both in the UK and around the world for your hard work in supporting the world with its food supply and also us by utilising our technology. We look forward to welcoming many others in the future and are continually seeking ways to assist with new products and financial tools that will allow both existing and increasingly new users to benefit from our sustainable water solutions well into the future.

Thanks. Phil Selwyn (Founder/Technical Director)