Pump & Store

Pump water for free to where you need it using no fossil fuels or electricity, 24 hours a day using your natural flowing water source.

Pump and Store — Pump water to a storage tank at highest point on your land when it is plentiful— Gravity feed to where you need it, when you need it. You can even use it for micro generation to help power your home or business.

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Hear From Owners

Improved irrigation means better yields which leads to more efficiency and profits. Our patented system uses no fuel or electricity and pumps your water for free.

Irrigation using a Papa Pump, the pump that uses no electricity or fuel, reduces CO2 which would have been emitted by diesel pumps and also reduces the need to fertilise which in turn, reduces the emissions of Nitrus Oxide. It doesn’t matter if you’re a smallholder with few livestock and crops or a company with a large plantation. Hear from a few of our customers…

Exmoor farmer on retrofitting Papa Pumps to his existing system.
Papa Pump system saving farm of over £18,000/year
Huge savings in Yarcombe, Devon
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