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Water Powered Technologies

Making Water Work For You.

Through 25 years of innovation, WPT have developed & manufactured a range of water powered products, providing climate friendly solutions. Learn more →

Our climate adaptive technology provides new water pumping solutions that can also mitigate the increasing effects of flood and drought.

This pure renewable technology can be used to mitigate extreme weather events, which are an ever-increasing occurrence due to climate change. Pump water when it is abundant during wet spells, to store for use when it is required during dry spells.


Use of groundwater is causing depletion and damage such as sinkholes and deep cracks.


40% of the food we grow is irrigated with water from beneath the Earth's surface.


Use a non fuel powered pump to capture and store naturally flowing water.


Find out more about our range of innovative products, including the award winning Papa Pump®, Seradisc® Filter, Sureflow Valve and other products in development.

Papa Pump





Gigawatts of Energy Saved To Date Utilising Papa Pumps *




International Patents

*energy saved is based upon the energy use of a 675w electric pump in use for 8 hours daily over 365days by x amount of Papa Pumps that have been sold to date.

Find Your Application

Typical sector uses for our products will be found below, however we know that our technology has the potential to be used in many different sectors that aren’t listed. If you think that you may have a suitable application please contact us to discuss.



Off Grid


Industry Accredited

Water Powered Technologies have won numerous awards for our innovation and products. See just a selection of our recent awards below!

What is a Pure Renewable*

When we say our technology is a “pure renewable”, we mean there is no energy transitions involved. Just water moving water in a single stage, no efficiency loss for energy conversion.

Even other renewables require more than one stage, normally a transition from eclectic to motive energy, or vice versa and in many cases rely on batteries or inverters in addition.

*Pure renewable is a Water Powered Technologies reference to describe the unique properties of it’s water powered pumping technology as a single stage process (without energy conversion)

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