If you don’t have access to mains water, or you wish to save money by moving off mains water, you may well have considered a borehole.

But there is an alternative if you have access to a spring, stream or river:

A Papa Ram Pump will supply you with CHEAPER WATER and BETTER WATER

Here are 5 reasons why a Papa Pump is a better alternative to a Borehole…

1 The cost of a Borehole Installation is more than a Papa Pump Installation
A borehole will need an electric pump with associated maintenance and running costs
3 Groundwater (from boreholes) often contain pollutants such as Iron and Manganese which may need to be filtered out
4 Water tables fluctuate and boreholes are increasingly prone to drying up
5 Papa Ram Pumps use surface water which is naturally aerated, free from minerals and will operate 24/7 with zero running costs and virtually no maintenance.

Ask us about many more reasons why a Papa Pump is a better solution than a borehole.

Our simple calculator can estimate the amount of water that can be delivered to you… for free!.