Have you or your livestock suffered from lack of mains water due to frozen pipes and damaged pumps?

If only the water was running constantly, it would have prevented your system from freezing.

We know many farmers who rely on mains water for watering their animals have had problems with freezing pipes. But those who use Papa Pumps have fared much better.

That’s because with a Papa Pump system, the pump runs 24/7 giving you constant flowing water from your stream or river. You store the water when it is plentiful to use when and where you need it, all without using any electricity or fuel. The excess water from the pump system is returned to the water course giving you free water to use for livestock, washing, sanitary use or even micro hydro.

It doesn’t matter what the weather is – an arctic freeze, a sweltering drought or just our usual wind and rain, a Papa Pump is the economic and ecological smart choice for water pumping.

If you have a spring, stream or river and want to deliver that water to where you need it, a Papa Pump system could be your ideal solution. It is a 100% green system, using no electricity or fuel, just using the natural kinetic energy of your flowing water. You save on electricity or fuel compared to a traditionally powered pump and you can save considerable amounts on your water bills if you are currently using mains water. Because of this, our customers usually pay for the entire Papa Pump system within 2 years and often within 1 year. The Papa Pump is a low maintenance option – only the low cost rubber valves need changing every couple of years. So, with 24/7 water delivery, you are helping the planet, saving money and there are no frozen pipes!

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