It is true that the most valuable resources are the resources that you don’t use – and for businesses, reducing consumption of electricity and water is both good for profit and the environment!

Natural water supplied by its own power achieves both savings of electricity and water – and furthermore there is a ‘simple’ means of achieving this!

Papa Pumps utilize the power of naturally flowing water from small springs, stream and rivers to pump that water to great heights and over long distances in a single, simple process making it one of the ‘purest’ renewable energy products available.

Whether for home or business – additional advantages of utilizing this simple technology are:

Independence – no longer being reliant on utility electricity or water supplies.

Self maintenance – being able to simply service and repair your water system ‘as’ and ‘when’ required without the need for specialist parts, tools, equipment or knowledge.

Peace of mind – knowing that you can ‘see’ the water you are pumping and ‘how’ it is being delivered.

Sustainability – understanding the wider environmental benefits the system delivers.

So maybe the ‘smartest’ people don’t require a smart meter after all?